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The series features two brothers (and an awkward angel in a trenchcoat) who hunt paranormal monsters. Though the show has been on for over ten years, it has more of a cult following. Therefore, instead of advertising with the more typical billboards and posters, promotion would occur where the fandom already lives: the internet.


The visual style from the promotional images is carried through to the convention schedule, web app, take home items, and stage design to present a unified event brand.


Click on the button below the images to view a PDF of the full concept deck. Deck is best viewed as a full screen presentation.


Most of the convention photography was provided courtesy of Stardust & Melancholy Photography. 


Fans can print out their own posters online featuring art that references quotes and iconography from the show while also advertising the convention.

  • Click to view the full concept deck
  • Click to view the full concept deck
  • Click to view the full concept deck
Convention Swag

The pudding swag item is a fan inside joke. If you want in on the joke (you do) click the button at the bottom of this page that says 'Pudding!'