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My goal was to create fun interactive program that caters to geeky women, girls, and non-binary individuals. It parodies traditional scouting, but with geek-centric activities. After completing a certain number of tasks within a category, participants can earn geeky merit badges and increase their superhero status.

The tasks are designed to be suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. In addition to being a celebration of all things geek, the program also empowers participants to be themselves, celebrate diversity, and make a positive difference in the world. 


Click on the button below the images to view a PDF version of the entire scout book.

Scout Book

Participants can either use a workbook or an online app to use the program. At the back of the workbook are stickers that can be used to track progress as different tasks are completed.

Tracking Progress

The more merit badges earned, the higher the rank a participant achieves. Ranks are based on superhero comic archetypes.

Merit Badges

Instead of the typical embroidered patches and sash, badges come in the form of pins that are displayed on a superhero cape.