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Illustration is my first love and I really enjoy pushing traditional mediums in a new direction. In particular, I enjoy using paper as a medium and not just a surface. I especially like adding in depth to what is typically two dimensional. Sometimes that means layering paper to create depth, adding in colored pencil shading, or photographing two dimensional artwork in a three dimensional way.


This illustration method can be used for both realistic and cartoon style drawings. Sometimes the illustration itself is the final product, and in other cases, it is the photograph of the illustration that ends up as the final design piece.

Realistic Illustrations

I enjoy creating lifelike artwork of animals or people using layered paper. Adding colored pencil shading to the portraits helps add realism.

Hipsters in Love

This postcard design was created by taking flat hand done illustrations and photographing them in a diorama-like setup.

Golden Greetings

The above greeting card illustrations were made entirely out of different colors and shades of cut paper, layered to create shadows and depth. I created an animation of the assembly process for each illustration.